Chester Cathedral

Fantastic setting for Borowski Glass event

Chester Cathedral is a must-see for any visitor to the city of Chester. The richly decorated choir stalls, the magnificent organ and the Victorian stained glass windows are spectacular highlights of a sightseeing tour. The exceptional Gothic-style building has much more to offer besides its stunning architecture and centuries of history: It is a vibrant hub for the community of Chester and also a cultural centre with excellent musical activities and exhibitions worth seeing.

Welcome to the Cathedral

Sašo Taneski, Owner of Pyramid Designer Glassware & Gifts Ltd. in Chester, UK
Sašo Taneski

Extraordinary insights ...

Recently, some special birds can be found in the cathedral.
Borowski Lichtobjekte beleuchten das Ausstellungsplakat in der Kathedrale

... and unexpected views

The century-old windows provide a view of the colourful event in the garden.
Ausblick von der Kathedrale auf die Ausstellung im Garten
Besucher in den Chester Cathedral Gardens
Stadtbild von Chester