A photo tour of the gardens of Chester Cathedral

CLEO - die faszinierende Gottesanbeterin mit wunderschönen Augen

CLEO | light object

“I am mesmerised by the captivating eyes of Cleo.”
(Quote from a visitor)

Romeo Lichtobjekt Marienkäfer und Mario on Stick Außenskulptur Marienkäfer

ROMEO & MARIO on Stick

Whether big or small – at Borowski’s, ladybirds wear moustaches.

“The designs are so quirky and original – and the display at the Cathedral definitely had the wow! factor – their bright colours looked fantastic in the garden.”

(Comment of a visitor)

JUMPER - Lichtobjekt Heuschrecke auf der Borowski Ausstellung in Chester
ARNOLD - Lichtobjekt Schildkröte bei der Borowski Ausstellung in Chester