Creation of a Glass Sculpture Park

The Idea

“In September 2022, we launched the exhibition “What Makes Us Human” by Marek Zyga at Chester Cathedral. It was at this exhibition where through a conversation with the Head of Marketing at the cathedral, we learnt about how the Cathedral were focusing their 2023 marketing efforts on Wildlife and Climate Change. Straight away we thought of Borowski and having the wildlife garden sculptures in their garden. Over a meeting, we presented the idea that Borowski’s wildlife garden sculptures would “shine a contemporary light” on their Wildlife & Climate Change focus.”

Sašo Taneski | Pyramid Designer Glassware, Chester

The glass artists at Borowski know about the wondrous ability of their creations to merge with their surroundings. No matter in which setting a Borowski sculpture is presented, it never appears as a foreign body, but seems to connect with its location and create a unique new atmosphere there. Borowski glass objects have already demonstrated this talent at numerous major events and exhibitions. In this respect, Wiktor Borowski was immediately ready to dare this new experiment and present the creations of his glass studio in front of the sacred and imposing setting of the cathedral.

Glasstudio Borowski

For two generations the Borowski family business has been creating exceptional, timeless glass objects in its glass studio in Poland . The collections represent a special light and humorous concept of art, typical of Borowski. The colourful glass creations can be found worldwide in selected, exclusive shops and in Borowski’s own galleries. Today, unique pieces by Stanislaw, Pawel and Stani Jan Borowski can be found in renowned galleries, collections and museums, e.g. the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Familie Borowski mit Unikat von Stani Jan Borowski

Stanislaw Borowski, Stani Jan Borowski, Wiktor Borowski, Magdalena Borowski

Pyramid Chester

Founded in 1997 by Saso and Alex Taneski, Pyramid Designer Glassware in Chester is the UK’s leading independent retailer of Scandinavian glassware. Their passion for fine art glass led them to establish their must-see gallery in Chester, where they exhibit works by well-known European and local artists. Pyramid Chester offers art lovers and collectors a unique and intense experience. On their website they have published an impressive list of their events and exhibitions >>.

Find out more about this special gallery on their website or at inspirecheshire.co.uk.

Blick in die Galerie: Pyramid Designer Glassware, Chester

View in the gallery: Pyramid Designer Glassware, Chester

Borowski Glass Events

Whether tropical greenhouses, exotic parks, feudal estates or modern architecture – the glass sculptures by Borowski unfold their very special radiance in every environment.


We would like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Chester Cathedral for their kind support.
In addition, we would also like to thank Woodfuels.uk for providing the beautiful wooden plinths for our display. A fantastic local business for all your log needs.

Türme der Chester Cathedral
HEKTOR, Lichtobjekt Schwan, zusammen mit TAWNY FAT, Lichtobjekt Eule, in der Kathedrale von Chester