Borowski Exhibition in Chester

The Enchanted Garden of Lights

Panorama Chester Cathedral Garden

Borowski Glass Creations in the Gardens of Chester Cathedral

A unique exhibition currently awaits visitors to Chester Cathedral Gardens: ‘The Enchanted Garden of Lights’ showcases the finest contemporary glass art while also celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship and imagination. The initiators of the exhibition are Saso and Alex Taneski – owners of Pyramid Designer Glassware in Chester – in collaboration with Glasstudio Borowski.

Due to its great success, the exhibition period has been extended from originally the end of December 2022 to at least the end of April 2024.

Windspiel WINDBIRD und Außenskulptur PAVO im Garten von Chester Cathedral

Magic Glass

The luminous Borowski glass sculptures transform the place into a fairytale realm. Owls, exotic birds, bumblebees, swans, frog kings, giant ants and many other imaginative creatures bring to life the joy of childhood fables and fairy tales. The playful and brightly coloured glass objects coexist harmoniously with the lush greenery and rich history of the cathedral.

Borowski Lichtobjekte beleuchten die Gärten der Chester Cathedral

Fusion of art, nature and history

The modern, colorful shapes and designs initially seem to contradict the ancient walls of the cathedral. But instead of forming a contrast, the objects merge with the historical surroundings to form a realm of fantasy. With the glowing creatures, the gardens of Chester Cathedral have been transformed into a magical wonderland. Every glass creation has found its perfect place. Wiktor Borowski – Managing Director of Glasstudio Borowski in Germany – together with his employee Reinhard Püschel personally set up the light objects and sculptures and added a touch of magic to the whole scenery.

Visitor Comments

Das Fledermaus Lichtobjekt VAMPY vor den Mauern von Chester Cathedral
Die beiden leuchtenden Eulen TAWNY und TAWNY FAT passen perfekt in die Chester Cathedral Gardens.